Whatever it Takes to Get 15 Minutes of Reading Time...

Whatever it Takes to Get 15 Minutes of Reading Time...

Friday, October 7, 2016

Big Dumb Lists: 10 Things I Can Do This Weekend Since I'm Not at NYCC

As the second biggest U.S. comic con behind San Diego revs up this weekend, yours truly is unfortunately not attending, though I thank my Manhattan friends and music publicists who checked in and offered to meet up at the New York Comic Con.  Next year, peeps, let's plan for it now.  Until then, it's a modest, non-con weekend for me with lots of work on tap.  Still, here are ten other things I could idle it away with aside from college football and the MLB playoffs:

1.  Troll the previous run of Silver Surfer  and count Dawn Greenwood's polka dots, each panel, each issue for continuity purposes.

2.  Try and win a gig as last minute campaign manager for Kermit the Frog.  A write-in will one day rule the world!  This is America,  dammit!

3.  Wipe off Lesbian Vampire Killers and Frankenhooker  from the DVR before kiddo trips across them.

4.  Listen to the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album The Getwaway  for the 37th time and finally purge the following quote that's stuck with me like a festering sore:  "Man, the Chili Peppers just haven't been the same since Mother's Milk!"

5.  Record the sheep baaas from the farm across the street.  It would be a hellacool sample to throw against guitar shred on Hank 3's next album.

6.  Hang under the stars and drone "Hail, Krypton..." until one of my farmer neighbors has me committed.

7.  Go to my favorite Irish pub from my last living location and see if being a German-Dutch Van Horn with McDermott blood entitles me to a pint o' Smitticks on the house.

8.  Mutter the name of Crom after each curl rep in the gym, finishing my workout by pointing at the heavens and declaring, "Thank you, Crom, for these gains!"

9.  Ponder just what the hell has Batgirl so teenie-smitten in this piece:

10.  Laundry.  Like taxes, it just never goes away.

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